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Voice acting has been my passion ever since I can remember! I bring my truth and sincerity to each role. Acting allows me to freely express myself and put voices to diverse/complex characters. Recording stories on my tape player was a large pastime in my childhood; I also improved stories for fun with a friend as a teen (to stretch my imagination’s muscles.)

Now-a-days I get behind the microphone to voice characters for radio dramas, adds, commercials, stories, museum exhibits and games from home. Working with various producers for the past decade has allowed me to meet so many creative friends and coworkers.

Examples of shows I’ve been involved with include: Games (the gate, Flippd, and others in development), Audible (Baby Teeth), Pseudopod, Podcastle, Podscape, Radio Dramas (Edict Zero, What’s the Frequency, 11th Hour, You Are Here, A Scottish Podcast, Koach Studios, Electric Vicuna Productions, Campfire Radio Theater, All’s Fair, Organism, Greater Boston, Twilight Radio Theater, Misfits Audio, Darker Projects, Brokensea Audio, 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Audioblivious Productions, Icebox Radio Theater, The Grey Area, The No Sleep podcast, and more…)

My affirmation before each recording session is: It’s not just the voice that matters; it’s how you tell the story.



4x4x7 recording booth from qc acoustics, microphones (bluebird, Sure KSM32, Sennheiser MKH416, and Rode NT1), Focusrite Scarlet II I II Preamp, Universal Audio Apollo Twin MK2 Solo Preamp, Sound Forge, Goldwave, windows 10, Mac Book Pro, and drop box.


Sound Cloud link with demos and samples: https://soundcloud.com/tanja-milojevic-210687350


Fighting Back: (Chronicle 5 WCVB) Tanja Milojevic continues to move forward. Tanja Milojevic came to the US to get treatment for vision issues. Today, even though she is mostly blind, she’s establishing herself as a radio actress and voice-over artist.



I am pleased to have coined Tanja Milojevic’s title as “The Queen of Modern Audio Drama” almost ten years ago now. With the rise of audio works in the world, Tanja’s performances, her professionalism, and her enthusiasm to draw creative people around her, sets the bar for actors in our medium. She is one of the first actors I try to impress with my writing, and someone who I know will take a limping project and give it real steam. Whether you’re looking for a strong narrator of your book, or someone who brings out the most layered emotional performances, there may be some who are as good, but no one is better than Tanja Milojevic.

Jack Ward – Writer/Producer, The Sonic Society sonicsociety.org/ and Electric Vicuña Productions evicuna.com/


Tanja Milojevic is the pinnacle of modern voice actors. She is one of the most professional and talented actors I have ever worked with. She shows up knowing her script with her character prepared and ready to work. Her range is astounding: playing everything from a hapless victim to a strong and willful psychic skillfully, dramatically and with great attention to the craft. She is always at the top of my list of actors to consider when casting.

Matthew Boudreau – Writer/Producer Aural Stage Studios Inc. auralstage.com/ & 11th Hour Audio Productions 11thhouraudio.com/


In my Audio Drama, “Minefire,” Tanja Milojevic plays Lydia, the show’s female lead. This is a challenging role and Tanja has been able to bring the character to life, exceeding my high expectations every step of the way. She has a unique gift that allows her to embody the fiery strength of the character while also showing great compassion and nuance when required. She possesses a rare, instinctual quality to her acting. Without Tanja, there is no Lydia, there is no Minefire. Tanja is a thrill to work with and she will be my top choice for any project in the future!

Paul Miscavage – Writer/Producer of Minefire minefirepodcast.com/


Tanja Milojevic is by far the best actress I have ever worked with.  I can hand her any role, and she handles it like a pro. Her range is on par with the best of old Hollywood and stage, Bette Davis, Liz Taylor, Faye Dunaway, Hellen Mirren… you name them, Tanja is right up there with them.  And to boot, she’s fearless. Nothing embarrasses Tanja, because she knows what is asked of her and what she gives is 120% with every take.

Mark Slade – Writer/Producer of Blood Noir, Daniel Dread, The Sundowners. Author of upcoming book “Witch for Hire.”


Tanja Milojevic is among the most dedicated, gifted, and versatile performers in the world of audio drama today. I always enjoy her work wherever it shows up, and I’m currently using her to voice several characters in “COME AND SEE – An Immersive Audio Experience”. You can’t miss with Tanja’s immense range!

Boyd Barrett – Writer/Producer of Come and See boydbarrett.com/


Working with Tanja was an absolute dream! She provided the work in a timely fashion, and very high quality recording that was quite easy to work with. She was able to capture the emotional depth of the character and bring gravitas to an emotionally difficult role.

Brandon Strader – Composer/Producer Fool and Scholar Productions


Tanja adds a new depth to every character that she brings to life. She is punctual, responsive, professional, and talented.

Travis Vengroff – Producer of The White Vault, Fool and Scholar Productions whitevault.libsyn.com/


The auditions are done. Word comes that I’ve been cast. What’s the first thing I do? Check the names of fellow actors and actresses who’ve also been cast in the same production. I smile when I see the name, Tanja Milojevic.  I have been privileged to have worked with Tanja in many productions. And, this past July, I was blessed to have finally met her. Her attention to detail in the development of her character, her incredible range of emotions in bringing each character to life is just plain amazing!  Lots of wonderful voice actors have “got it”… None more so than the talented, the gifted, Tanja Milojevic!

Joe Stofko – Fellow Voice Actor voices.com/actors/joestofko#bio


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